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Here are but a few Buyer Benefits of a “Rent 2 Own” with TwinCitiesRent2Own.

  • Your monthly rent credit works like a forced savings account. buyer benefits, forced savings account, credit toward purchase, reduces size of mortgage, reduces size of payments, rent credit, mortgage interest tax benefits, property tax deductions, small amount downAt the end of your lease when you are ready to close, those funds go towards the purchase, effectively reducing the size of your mortgage and monthly payments.
  • Rent credits often outpace the tax benefits of mortgage interest and property tax deductions.
  • You only need a small amount of up-front cash - typically 3-5%. This figure is driven by the sale's price of the property and is often time negotiable.
  • You don’t need perfect credit. You may have a few blemishes on your credit report. And you know what? That’s okay!
  • Our credit repair partner has an unparalleled system to help you repair your credit.
  • Move in today – buy tomorrow.
  • Your rent payment can be reported to the three credit bureaus, assisting with your credit restoration.
  • Because you are not buying immediately, you will have time to shop around for the best mortgage package available.
  • The option purchase agreement is locked for the entire term of the lease. You will benefit from any appreciation in property value.

In short you will have…

  • Maximum leverage: You are spending very little money to control a potentially very expensive, and very profitable, piece of real estate.
  • Time: Before you actually buy the home, you will have 12-36 months (depending on your agreement) to repair your credit, find the best interest rates, investigate the home and research the neighborhood and/or schools.
  • Peace of mind: You will have significant control of the property and can maintain or improve it to your standard with the permission of the Seller.

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We are personally inviting you to join Twin Cities Rent 2 Own email outreach list. Future emails will include new property listings, as well as requests for certain types of properties we may be looking for to fit our Buyer’s needs. We will also be sending out a quarterly newsletter filling you in on all the latest trends in the Rent 2 Own market place.


  • Our experience with Twin Cities Rent 2 Own was fantastic. Not only did we end up with the house of our dreams in a location we love, we had great personal service from not just one member of the Rent 2 Own staff, but the entire team. We felt listened to, respected, and our needs and wants were given personal attention from Shaun.He was responsive, very knowledgeable and really fun to work with. When we needed input from others at Rent 2 Own, they were there on weekends, evenings and whenever we needed them.

    - Leah
  • I would like to thank Twin Cities Rent 2 Own for the outstanding job they did in placing the right buyers into one of my rental units. Shaun & Glenn were very helpful in walking me through the whole process of what to expect, timelines for marketing & executing a deal, as well as clearly laying out the numbers of why it is a better deal in this market to go with a rent to own sale versus a traditional sale. I was impressed at how quickly they had the property listed on their website, the MLS and had signs canvassing the neighborhood to market this property. Shaun took care of all the showing and stayed in constant communication with me through the whole process.

    - Jay L.