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Your Benefits!

  • The market is full of Buyers who have had some unfortunate set of circumstances cause them to have a short term credit challenge. The economy and housing market has taken a lot of good people down. Our Buyers have good jobs, good income, and with a little credit repair, and effort will qualify for a mortgage generally with-in 12-24 months.
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  • Our Rent 2 Own program will likely allow you to take much more money home than a traditional sale in this down market. Depending on circumstances, we often see 5 figure increases in the overall profitability for our Sellers.
  • Debt Relief! We frequently work with Sellers that just need to get out from under their crushing monthly mortgage payments. A Rent 2 Own sale can accomplish this quickly, and usually ends up putting money in your bank account every month.
  • Extremely limited hassles of managing a rental property! In lease purchases the Rent 2 Own Buyer is responsible for managing and completing maintenance on the property.
  • Yes, your home can still marketed for traditional sale or rent, and we can help you with that also.
  • We often work cooperatively with other Realtors. If your property is already listed, we can still help you see your home Rent 2 Own and get your realtor paid in full. Give us a call and we will explain how we can work with your Realtor.
  • We have a large pool of Buyers, and may already have someone in our Buyer pool who is a fit for your home.
  • Demand is extremely high for homes available for Rent 2 Own.
  • Rent 2 Own Buyers are way better than a renter. They have skin in the game with their option fee, resulting in a tenant that takes interest in maintaining your home.
  • All prospective Rent 2 Own Buyers go through a vigorous prequalification process including: complete criminal background check, all references and previous landlords are contacted, income and employment verification, etc. Our network of local mortgage brokers will review all applications and tell us if the Buyer will be able to qualify for a mortgage with-in the option period.
  • Our Rent 2 Own Buyers in of need minor credit repair (no “credit train wrecks” here) are put to task working with our credit restoration partner. We don’t just put any tenant-buyer in your home, forget about you and walk away. We actually have the ability to work with the Rent 2 Own Buyers and hold their hands throughout the option period to help them repair their credit and get permanent financing.
  • Unlike a contract for deed, you remain on title until the Buyer actually buys your home.
  • With a Rent 2 Own in most circumstances you retain the great tax benefits of ownership. (Seek a tax accountant for professional advice.)
  • Above Market Rent, top sales price, repairs taken care of… Enough said!

BOTTOM LINE – we can SAVE you selling costs, sell your house FASTER, and likely get you FULL PRICE.


  • Our experience with Twin Cities Rent 2 Own was fantastic. Not only did we end up with the house of our dreams in a location we love, we had great personal service from not just one member of the Rent 2 Own staff, but the entire team. We felt listened to, respected, and our needs and wants were given personal attention from Shaun.He was responsive, very knowledgeable and really fun to work with. When we needed input from others at Rent 2 Own, they were there on weekends, evenings and whenever we needed them.

    - Leah
  • I would like to thank Twin Cities Rent 2 Own for the outstanding job they did in placing the right buyers into one of my rental units. Shaun & Glenn were very helpful in walking me through the whole process of what to expect, timelines for marketing & executing a deal, as well as clearly laying out the numbers of why it is a better deal in this market to go with a rent to own sale versus a traditional sale. I was impressed at how quickly they had the property listed on their website, the MLS and had signs canvassing the neighborhood to market this property. Shaun took care of all the showing and stayed in constant communication with me through the whole process.

    - Jay L.